Pick your protein: vegetables ($13), tofu ($13), chicken ($13), beef ($15), shrimp ($15), or combo ($16)

Comes with a side of white rice, brown rice, fried rice for $2 extra, or lomein for $3 extra

= vegetarian   GF = is or could be made gluten free upon request   N  = could contain nuts   S = spicy

Amazing Mango  S

Red peppers, jicima, mangoes, and asparagus, cooked with a sweet sauce.

Thai Red Curry   S

Tofu, red onions, red peppers, mushrooms, green beans, eggplant, sugar peas and potatoes cooked with a yellow curry sauce and chili pepper oil.

Wok Glazed Ginger

Red onions, red peppers, sugar peas, mushrooms, asparagus and green beans cooked in a brown sauce and topped with ginger.

Kung Pao   GF  S

Dry roasted peanuts, zucchini, papaya, red pepper, chili peppers and jalepeno peppers.

Szechuan Peppercorn  S

Green beans, mushrooms, sugar peas, red peppers, jicima, asparagus, chili peppers and jalapeno peppers cooked in Szechuan sauce.

Japanese Eggplant Garlic  S

Mostly eggplant with red pepper and cooked in a brown garlic sauce.

String Bean Garlic  S

String beans and red peppers cooked in a brown garlic sauce.

Mongolian  S

Onions, chili peppers and scallions caramelized in a Mongolian sauce, plated on a bed of crispy rice noodles.

Broccoli Soya

Broccoli and red peppers cooked in a brown sauce.

*Our dishes are made to order; substitutions and additions could be done upon request.*