Sushi Entrees

Comes with a Miso soup

= vegetarian   GF = is or could be made gluten free upon request   N  = could contain nuts   S = spicy

* = contains raw fish

*Crunchy Spicy Roll Platter S  $17

A Crunchy Spicy Salmon, Crunchy Spicy Tuna and Spicy Crunchy Kani Roll (18 pieces total).

California Platter  $14

Three California rolls (18 pieces total)

*American Deluxe  $22

Three pieces each of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sushi with a tuna avocado roll

*Sushi Dinner  $22

Ten pieces of assorted sushi & a california roll

*Sashimi Dinner GF  $25

18 pieces of assorted slices of fish with sushi rice on the side

*Sushi & Sashimi Dinner GF  $26

Six pieces of assorted sushi, ten pieces of sashimi & a salmon roll

*Mackerel Don  $14

Bed of sliced mackerel served on sushi rice and vegetables

*Love Boat  $50

Ten pieces of sushi, fifteen pieces of sashimi, a Rainbow roll and a Delaware roll

(comes with two miso soups)

*Our dishes are made to order; substitutions and additions could be done upon request.*

Not sure what some of the ingredients we use are? Check out our glossary on our FAQs page!