Sushi & Sashimi

Comes with two pieces each order, with your choice of sushi (with rice) or sashimi (no rice)

= vegetarian   GF = is or could be made gluten free upon request  * = contains raw fish

Crab Stick (Kani)   $4

Shrimp (Ebi) GF  $4.50

*Squid GF  $4.50

Mackerel (Saba) GF  $4

Sweet Egg (Tamago)  $4

*Tobiko (Fish Egg) GF  $4

*Red Clam GF  $4.50

*Smoked Salmon GF  $5

*Salmon GF  $5

*White Tuna GF  $5

*Tuna GF  $5.50

*Seared Tuna GF  $5

*Yellowtail  GF  $5.50

*Toro (Fatty Tuna)  $7

*Eel GF  $5

*Scallop GF  $7

*Uni GF  $8

*Octopus GF  $5

Inari (Tofu Pouches) ⓥ  $4

*Our dishes are made to order; substitutions and additions could be done upon request.*

Not sure what some of the ingredients we use are? Check out our glossary on our FAQs page!