Traditional Sushi Rolls

= vegetarian   GF = is or could be made gluten free upon request   N  = could contain nuts   S = spicy

* = contains raw fish

California   $5

Spicy California  S   $6

*Tuna GF   $6

*Tuna Avocado  GF   $6

*Salmon  GF   $6

*Spicy salmon  S   $6

*Salmon Avocado  GF   $6

Salmon Skin  $5

*Spicy Tuna  S   $6

Crunchy Spicy Kani  S   $6

*Crunchy Spicy Salmon  S   $6

*Crunchy Spicy Tuna  S   $6

*Spicy Scallop  S   $9

*Yellowtail GF   $6

*Christmas  $7

*Alaskan  GF   $6

*Philadelphia   GF  $6

Cleveland  GF  $6

Eel Avocado  $7

Calamari   $6

Shrimp Tempura  $6

Spider  $9

Inari Avocado  ⓥ  $4

Asparagus  ⓥ  $4

Avocado   GF  $4

Cucumber   GF  $4

Sweet Potato  ⓥ  $4

Creamy Sweet Potato  ⓥ  $5

Peanut Avocado   GF N  $5

Yasai    GF  $5

Sushi & Sashimi

Comes with two pieces each order, with your choice of sushi or sashimi

Crab Stick (Kani)   $4

Shrimp (Ebi) GF  $4.50

*Squid GF  $4.50

Mackerel (Saba) GF  $4

Sweet Egg (Tamago)  $4

*Tobiko (Fish Egg) GF  $4

*Red Clam GF  

*Smoked Salmon GF  $5

*Salmon GF  $5

*White Tuna GF  $5

*Tuna GF  $5.50

*Seared Tuna GF  $5

*Yellowtail  GF  $5.50

*Toro (Fatty Tuna)  $7

*Eel GF  $5

*Scallop GF  $7

*Uni GF  $8

*King Crab GF  $7

*Octopus GF  $5

Inari (Tofu Pouches) ⓥ  $4

Sushi Entrees

Comes with a Miso soup

*Crunchy Spicy Roll Platter S  $17

A Crunchy Spicy Salmon, Crunchy Spicy Tuna and Spicy Crunchy Kani Roll (18 pieces total).

California Platter  $14

Three California rolls (18 pieces total)

*American Deluxe  $22

Three pieces each of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sushi with a tuna avocado roll

*Sushi Dinner  $22

Ten pieces of assorted sushi & a california roll

*Sashimi Dinner GF  $25

18 pieces of assorted slices of fish with sushi rice on the side

*Sushi & Sashimi Dinner GF  $26

Six pieces of assorted sushi, ten pieces of sashimi & a salmon roll

*Mackerel Don  $14

Bed of sliced mackerel served on sushi rice and vegetables

Love Boat  $50

Ten pieces of sushi, fifteen pieces of sashimi, a Rainbow roll and a Delaware roll

(comes with two soups)

Specialty Rolls

Delaware S  $10

A deep-fried roll containing salmon, kani and cream cheese, topped off with wasabi mayo, spicy mayo and eel sauce.

*OWU Crunch S  $10

A deep-fried roll containing white fish, avocado, tamago and cream cheese, dressed in masago, a house specialty sauce and tempura flakes.

*Polaris  $12

A deep-fried roll containing spicy lobster, asparagus and avocado, with spicy mayo, eel sauce and tobiko on top.

*Golden Dawn $15

A deep-fried roll containing spicy tuna, spicy kani, asparagus and cream cheese, dressed in spicy mayo and eel sauce, and topped off with scallop.

Tropical S  $12

Cocktail shrimp, kani, mango, avocado and cucumber rolled in pink soybean paper, topped off with mango sauce and spicy mayo.

*Rainbow Roll  $10

Kani, cucumber, avocado, tuna, salmon and white fish.

Mountain Roll   $12 

Shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado and cucumber rolled in green soybean paper, dressed in spicy mayo, wasabi mayo and eel sauce.

Great Harvest  $12

Fried sweet potato, shrimp tempura and cream cheese,

layered with tamago, avocado and mango. Rolled in soybean paper, topped with mango sauce and strawberry sauce.

*Halloween  $12

Crab meat and tempura flakes, with salmon rolled and baked on top, glazed in a specialty sauce and topped off with red and black tobiko.

Cherry Blossom S  $13

Kani, cucumber, avocado, white tuna with spicy crab meat on top, topped with tempura flakes and spicy mayo.

*Spicy Thai Girl S  $14

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado with spicy salmon on top, dressed in spicy mayo, eel sauce and a dot of sriracha.

*Angry Bird $14

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and spicy tuna, dressed in spicy mayo, eel sauce and a dot of sriracha.

*Tsunami S  $14

Jalepeno, red pepper, cucumber and seared tuna, topped with spicy mayo and sriracha.

Green Devil  $14

Shrimp tempura, eel, salmon skin, avocado and cucumber rolled with green soybean paper, dressed with eel sauce.

*Typhoon Monster $13

Shrimp tempura, avocado, pickled seaweed, and spicy crab meat, topped with spicy mayo, tempura flakes and masago.

*Royal Ginger $14

Peppered tuna, avocado and spicy tuna, topped with spicy mayo and wasabi mayo.

*Hamachi Lover $14

Crunchy spicy yellowtail, jalapeno, red pepper and yellowtail, topped off with ponzu sauce and scallions.

*Kamikaze $14

Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, eel and fresh tuna, dressed with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

*Asian Fusion $14

Shrimp tempura, avocado and seared filet mignon, topped with spicy mayo, masago and scallions.

*Mind Eraser $15

Tuna, salmon, white tuna and avocado, topped off with king crab and raspberry sauce. (This roll contains no rice).

*Mars $14

Crunchy lobster salad, tuna and salmon, dressed in spicy mayo.

*King Island $16

Lobster salad, asparagus and avocado roll, topped with grilled white tuna, spicy mayo, tobiko and scallions.

*Bahamas Roll  $12

Shrimp tempura, bananas, and spicy tuna, topped with spicy mayo, eel sauce and pineapple sauce.

*Our dishes are made to order; substitutions and additions could be done upon request.*

Not sure what some of the ingredients we use are? Check out our glossary on our FAQs page!

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