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Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations over the phone due to the smaller size of our dining room. We are first-come, first-serve. If you walk in and we are full, our host/hostess can take your name and phone number down so we can contact you when a table or bar seating is available. While we'd love to take reservations, this system gives us the best opportunity to ensure efficiency throughout the rushes, both for you and our staff! All we can suggest is the earlier, the better.

Can you seat large parties?

This can be tricky for us, again due to the limited size of our dining room.

The largest table we can seat together is of eight people. If we're able, we can put two four tops together; otherwise, the party will have to be seated separately. During our peak hours, especially on weekends, we will only allow a max of six at one table.

As for our patio, also for being so small, we only allow a max of five people at one table.

Please come in, call, or reach out on Facebook and ask ahead of time for further questions.


Do you have sushi that isn't raw?

We sure do! All of our sushi labeled with a star (*) on them means they contain raw fish. Some rolls with this star (*) are fully cooked, BUT are topped with tobiko or masago (fish eggs), which are raw. Just ask for no fish eggs!

Can you accommodate to certain allergies or diets?

Yes! We have all sorts of items in our menu for people specifically for this. Plenty of our food accommodates to the vegetarian and gluten free folks! We've made sure to label every item that is vegetarian (VG), as well as every item that is or could be made gluten free (wheat symbol) upon request, although certain items may not taste exactly like the original recipe. As for vegan options, most of our vegetarian sushi is vegan, and we can make our Thai Red Curry as such.

I like the sound of this, but I don't like this ingredient. Can you take it out?

Sure thing! Most of our menu is all made to order, so if you don't like mushrooms, eel sauce, or want more or less spice, we can accommodate to that.

Are you open on holidays?

Yep! The only holiday we are not open is Thanksgiving. Otherwise, we're open on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day and all other holidays.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, we do not have a delivery service, for reasons such as the size of our restaurant, the low number of staff and lack of parking for vehicles to do as such. We also have no affiliation with other delivery services, such as Doordash or GrubHub. 

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